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At Beckman Tower we sell microwave dish mounts to fit both straight and tapered leg towers. We are equipped to sell custom mounts for any antenna or microwave dish installation.

We sell roof top satalite dish mounts.

Tower Space

Beckman Kinney Telecom Tower Site

We have two 250 foot towers with space for rent. If the Fresno area is your market feel free to contact us for information on how we can help you.

Tower 1 FCC registration #1219741

Tower 2 FCC registration #1236889

Beckman Tower Used towers for sale.

Two 60 ft. Tri-ex tkd 305 base towers for sale.
Towers are 13ft 9in on a leg center to center.
These are the bottom of a 100ft. Tapered.
The towers were used for microwave transmission.
They are simple and will make good ham radio towers and can be added to easily for more height.
Price FOB Fresno Cal $4,500.00 each.

One 80ft. angle iron tower with crows nest on top.
Tower is 10ft. 8in. square for leg. This tower was used for microwave transmission.
This will make a good ham tower. Or smaller tower site tower.
Price FOB Fresno CA. $4,500.00

One 117ft. Microfleet tower. Heavy duty microwave tower.
Tower is four leg with a center to center spread of 20ft.
This was a microwave transmission tower but will make a great ham tower or a com site-rental tower.
Missing a couple of horizontal braces. Easy to make.
Price FOB Fresno, CA. $6,500.00

One 127ft Microfleet heavy duty microwave tower.
Tower is 3leg with a center to center of 23ft. 4in.
Tower was used for microwave transmission.
This will make a good tower site rental tower or a god ham tower.
Missing a couple of horizontal braces. Easy to make.
Price FOB Fresno: $6,500.00

One 210ft guyed tower Magnum welded solid rod leg 36in face 1 3/8 bottom legs and 1 1/4 top legs with 3/4in diagonal anf horizontal welded bracing.
Two bolt flanges. Good shape. Twenty ft. sections.
Price: FOB Fresno, CA. $9,500.00

Location: Meadow Lakes, CA 42205 Radio Lane Auberry Cal. 93602

Phone: 559-275-4030 or 550-855-8390



Death Valley AT&T Foundation Upgrade:

Beckman Tower did an over pour on an existing tower foundation so that the tower could support an increased load of a 12-foot dish.


Beckman Tower does in house fabrication at our shop in Fresno, CA.

We manufacture custom antenna mounts for any antenna/ tower application.

We fabricate towers, monopoles and tower extensions.


  • Tension & Plumb
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Path realignment
  • Bolt torque checking

Inspection Mapping

We perform tower inspections for legs, bracing and welds. These are structural inspections. We also map towers. Mapping towers for customers takes an inventory of which antennas are on the tower and where, as well as the heights and thicknesses of legs. Beckman Tower is equipped with RF suits and performs work and inspections that require the use of said protective garments.